Assessment Solution

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Curated and customised assessments can be useful to encourage learners assess their performance thereby retaining the concept for further uses.

Every elearning program is created with the intent of training the audience in an effective manner so that they can apply the learned skills in real life. But how do you measure the effecitveness of your elearning program? How to check whether the learners have been able to learn and retain the concepts from your elearning course?

The answer is simple…Assessment Solution.

We can help you in creating effective asssessment solutions that can evaluate, analyse and record the performance of learners. Our solutions are customizable and can be curated based on the course requirements and learner capability.

Rather than implementing the traditional methods of assessing the learners we imply new trends of assessment. Our methods are engaging and challenging that not only assess the learners’ capability but also allow the learner to get engaged in the process. If the assessment is enthralling and exciting then the learners are encouraged to keep going throughout the assessment without getting.

frustrated. Also the learners are excited to redo the assessment if they need to reattempt the assessment.

Some of the techniques that we incorporate in our assessment solutions are:

  • Scenario based assessment:

Here the learners are presented with certain scenarios and they have to take the decision based on the acquired skills and critical analysis.

  • Game based assessment:

These solutions involve games based on the required skills and the learners play the game based on their practical knowledge and experience.

  • Case Studies:

This solution can be implemented where you need learners to assess a real life instance to get a deeper insight about it. Learners are presented with ideal situations where they need to apply their acquired skills and assess the situation.

  • Quiz based assessment:

Simple quizzes including Multiple choice, matching or True/False can be incorporated either at the beginning of the course or intermediately. These are not only interactive and challenging but also keep the learner involved in the learning process. The learners are able to retain and recap the concepts that are important for the program.

Do you want to create enthralling assessements for your audience, what are you waiting for?

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