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Our eLearning solutions are suitable and customisable for all kinds of training needs.

Are you looking forward to convert your existing instructor-led training programs to a web-based format or want to add dynamism to them?

We have the expertise and skills to provide need based customized eLearning solutions that also provide:

  • Vivacity
  • Flexibility
  • Accessibility
  • 24×7 convenience

This customised eLearning content is improvised to suit your business processes and fully engage your employees. The courses and curated content helps learners to specialize in the subject by getting a real life learning experience throughout the course.The anywhere anytime access on all kinds of devices helps learners to save time and learn more.

Our solutions are based on the latest learning trends of instructional design methodologies. Most courses incorporate emerging e-technologies such as scenario based learning, game based learning, gamified assessments and so on. We also have expertise in the deploying your eLearning programs to the Learning Management System (LMS). Our solutions are SCORM and AICC compliant to be compatible on all kinds of devices.